Phoenix, AZ Used Truck Inventory

Sun Country Trucking Equipment has a selection of quality used trucks, vans, bodies, equipment and accessories in Phoenix, AZ. Please get in touch with us to purchase any items listed below, have questions or wish to sell your vehicle or equipment.

Why buy used/pre-owned trucks and accessories?


New business owners can make good investment choices and still save money by purchasing slightly used trucks and accessories. More money in your pocket means more options overall for your business. If you’re looking to invest in a fleet of vehicles, buying good-quality used options are the best way to build quickly without racking up debt.


Since most depreciation occurs early in the life of equipment, your investments on used trucks and equipment can retain more value for your lower purchase price. This is also good for your balance sheets when talking to potential investors.


Life is messy. Economies change. The less money you pour into a business early-on means it’s easier to untangle later if things don’t work out like you planned.


Some vehicles stand the test of time. Buying a used or pre-owned vehicle that has a good reputation is less of a risk than buying an unknown model, brand-spanking new off the lot. Smart investors read reviews and know what they’re purchasing.