We Service the Paradise Valley area with our only current location in Phoenix

Sun Country Truck Equipment is a leading provider of van interiors and custom truck bodywork in Paradise Valley, AZ. In addition to providing excellent customer service, we are professionals in the manufacture and upkeep of luxury trucks. We provide our customers with the highest caliber, reliability, and longevity possible to meet their needs.

Every design is thoughtfully chosen with your input to make sure your Paradise Valley bespoke truck body helps maximize your productivity, lasts for years, and keeps your workers safer. We use premium materials, such as steel, aluminum, and more, to provide you with exceptional endurance and aesthetic appeal.

No matter the size of the project, Sun Country will swiftly complete it with the assistance of our partners. They include Weather Guard, UWS, Buyers, Kargo Master, and more. We have no doubt that applying what we know will help bring you immense happiness.

The Benefits of Sun Country Custom Trucks in Paradise Valley, AZ

Any current vehicle you bring to us can have its performance improved. We can also add parts and accessories for our custom bodywork in Paradise Valley. Our wide network of partners and suppliers enables us to help satisfy the expectations of our clients. With the aid of our wide variety of hoists, lift gates, van uplifts, reels, tow packages, lights, storage boxes, racks, trailers, and hitches, your vehicle can be converted into the effective powerhouse you demand.

We recognize the value of your time as business owners. You already have jobs to complete, so you don't have time to waste. Thankfully, we are also experts in auto repair. Sun Country Truck Equipment continues to work with our customers even after the design and delivery of a bespoke truck body. We carefully do maintenance while working around your schedule to help ensure the shortest possible turnaround. We also utilize the finest parts available from reliable name brands with the goal of saving you both time and money.

Our highly skilled experts can install practically anything, even some of the most intricately constructed custom vehicles in Paradise Valley, AZ. We have been an industry leader for more than 20 years because we constantly strive to go above and beyond for you.

Our specialized custom truck fabrications in Paradise Valley, AZ, include but are not limited to:

Custom work van garage

We work closely with industry professionals including, but not limited to:


We are a direct result of our relationships with our clients, and we take great pride in continuing to open doors for the growth of your company. Many service providers, such as suppliers, contractors, utilities, and other companies, use specific tools and equipment to complete their jobs. Specialized vehicles and work vans are required in Paradise Valley, AZ, to properly store and carry this equipment. Sun Country aims to personalize your van or vehicle, so you can succeed in your chosen field. To prevent weather-related damage and theft of your valuable instruments and equipment, we only use the strongest and finest materials available.

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At Sun Country Truck Equipment, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all things truck and commercial van interiors in Paradise Valley, AZ. We never want you to sacrifice quality for affordability when you can have both by working with us. For more information about Sun County Truck Equipment and how we can customize your fleet of high-quality work trucks and other vehicles in Arizona, contact us today for a free consultation!