We Service The Mesa area with our only current location in Phoenix

With our specially constructed truck bodywork, attachments, and more, Sun Country Truck Equipment in Mesa is facilitating company operations. Sun Country offers its more than 20 years of expertise, skillfully producing and providing its goods to customers all across Arizona.

Due to our high-quality parts and partnerships with specialists in the field, Sun Country is the finest choice for Mesa custom truck manufacturing. Sun Country is the most reputable producer of work vehicles in Arizona. This is a direct result of the connections we maintain with our clients in order to ensure that we provide the finest service possible and cultivate new ones every day.

We specialize in making one-of-a-kind car accessories and bodywork. You may customize your truck with the help of our knowledgeable sales and service professionals. Sun Country Truck Equipment manufactures stake beds, flatbeds, dump bodies, and clean-up dumps in Mesa, Arizona.

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The Benefits of Sun Country Custom Trucks in Mesa

The skilled installers at Sun Country can handle even the most intricately modified truck bodies. Our experts have received training in the many techniques required to build a vehicle that is safe, durable, and will ensure that you can work with maximum efficiency. By offering customized goods with quality guarantees, we carry on our tradition of guaranteeing client happiness. If you need a truck or van body, a modification, or a repair, Sun Country can provide you with the best configuration available.

Custom work truck flat bed from sun country truck

Sun Country Truck Equipment offers products from top brands all across Mesa, including:

  • Dump Bodies / Landscape Dumps
  • Flatbeds
  • Ladder Racks
  • Service Bodies
  • Lift Gates
  • Underhood Air Compressors
  • Service & Repair Work
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Dry Freight Boxes
  • Toolboxes

Sun Country Truck Equipment was founded by Tim Williams and Scott Bennett. They confidently expanded their business from a modest enterprise into one of Arizona's most renowned work vehicle manufacturers. They understood that in order to establish themselves as a reputable business, they needed to provide outstanding and extraordinarily attentive customer service and build enduring relationships.

Sun Country offers a strong combination of value for your money, so you'll never have to give up quality. For the operations of your business, our Mesa custom trucks and vans are built with the maximum efficiency.

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For the last two decades, we have serviced a wide variety of trades including, but not limited to:


Furthermore, Sun Country is equipped to repair all truck and van bodywork, as well as individual components including dry boxes, lift gates, reels, and racks. We enlarge or contract frames and repair hydraulic and electrical components.

Your vehicle can be transformed into the effective powerhouse you need with the help of our assortment of hoists, lift gates, van uplifts, reels, tow packages, lights, storage boxes, Vanair and VMAC underhood air compressors. Any current car you bring to us can have its performance improved, and we can also add accessories and parts for our Mesa custom bodywork. We are able to meet the demands of our clients across sectors because of our extensive network of suppliers and partners.

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In the business world, there is no time for slowing down. As a result, we understand the importance of having the tools you need to get the job done right the first time, as well as for maximum performance. Customizing trucks and vans is a precise business. Despite the fact that there are other manufacturers in our industry, only Sun Country can live up to the high standards our customers have for quality.

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