Maxon Phoenix, AZ Custom Liftgates

At Sun Country Truck Equipment, we offer businesses in Phoenix, AZ, Maxon custom liftgates to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their work trucks. Since 1957, Maxon has led its industry with confidence, providing high-quality custom liftgates for Phoenix businesses and workers. At Sun Country Truck, we value the commitment of companies that align with ours and are proud to partner with Maxon to create our custom trucks and truck bodies. Maxon is a family-owned company that prides itself on going above and beyond for its customers. Maxon only utilizes premium materials to manufacture their Phoenix liftgates to ensure that every customer receives a consistent level of exceptional quality.

Liftgate from Maxon Liftgates

Light Duty Liftgates

Light-duty liftgates are made to make it simple, safer, and more affordable to lift small to medium-sized goods. Light-duty solutions for pickup trucks, service bodies, stake beds, van bodies, and cargo vans are available in Maxon's product line. They are designed with exceptionally high performance and low maintenance in mind. Features include:

  • Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders
  • Maintenance-free components
  • Protected/recessed main control with time-out features
  • Steel or aluminum platforms
  • Fully enclosed hydraulic system, and more


In the 1970s, Maxon was the first to introduce the rail-style liftgate to the U.S. Due to its heavy-duty level ride and dock loading capacity, the Railift series is a timeless design that can meet even the most demanding distribution requirements. With a mix of dock and street delivery, the Railift Series is excellent for bulk delivery and wheeled freight. For optimal load stability, Railift liftgates offer a level ride throughout the lift.

Conventional Phoenix, AZ Lift Gates

The conventional liftgate solutions from Maxon are exceptionally dependable and come in a variety of platform sizes. The conventional liftgate is the lift gate's initial design. These liftgates usually serve as the vehicle's back door or tailgate and are stored flush against the doors of trucks or trailers. These gates are designed for general freight loading and feature the largest platforms available. Benefits of this style of liftgate include:

  • Standard aluminum platform is robust and lightweight
  • Standard dual cart stops, and cab power cut-off switch
  • Waterproof hand-held remote control
  • Equipped with a Service Switch, which enables the service mechanic to operate and test all lift functions
  • Equipped with grease-free bearing


Maxon is the proud creator of the Tuk-A-Way liftgate. This custom liftgate allows the platform to fold and be stored under the truck body when it is dock ready. Maxon now provides a diverse choice of steel and aluminum platforms in a variety of diameters, as well as a variety of bed height options. At Sun Country Truck Equipment, we can equip these many options to custom-design work vehicles. Tuk-A-Way® varieties include:

  • TE-20
  • TE-25/TE-30
  • TE-33
  • MXT-25/MXT-33
  • GPT
Custom liftgates from Maxon Liftgates by Sun Country Truck


The slide-type gates from Maxon feature tough construction and useful features like auto-leveling, twin cart stops, and an optional hand-held remote control. The slider-style gates from Maxon are stored horizontally beneath the vehicle or trailer. They can accommodate swing and roll-up doors since they don't require extension plates. In addition, Maxon provides level-riding as well as level-ramping slide-type devices

Liftgate from Maxon liftgates installed by Sun Country Truck


The BMR Columnlift from Maxon combines all the industry's top features and technologies. No other direct-type lift on the market is like Maxon's BMR. The BMR offers superior performance in the form of faster operation, lower power consumption, and lower maintenance costs. It is built tough with sturdy columns to withstand dock impacts, precisely engineered with self-centering rollers to eliminate the possibility of jams and designed with lock valves for operator safety. It is an incredible option that we at Sun Country can utilize for custom work trucks and other vehicles.

Opened liftgate from Maxon Liftgates installed by Sun Country

Gas Bottle Custom LiftGates

Maxon recognizes the need for solutions for non-conventional loading practices. As a result, we are happy to offer our Gas Bottle liftgates capable of lifting to 4,400 lbs. These Phoenix lift gates feature an integrated cylinder securing system, a fold-down railing for dock loading, automatic safety latches, and built-in lights.

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Sun Country Truck Equipment is honored to work in partnership with Maxon and their liftgates for our custom truck services in Phoenix, AZ. With their help, we can bring our AZ custom truck bodies to life, as they understand the importance of providing the best. Our skilled technicians have received the necessary training to build a vehicle that will last for many years and offer superior durability. With every job we take on, we use our decades of expertise to deliver the highest level of customer service and quality possible.

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