Custom Truck Lighting in Phoenix, Arizona

Sun Country is a leading distributor of custom truck lights for Phoenix’s commercial vehicle and semi-truck owners. We supply LED truck bed lights and under truck lights for a variety of commercial and municipal vehicles.

Whether you are looking for Hella lights, or a custom tow truck light bar we can bring your vehicle to life. We are a distributor for the Phoenix, AZ area for the following truck light manufacturers:


Need a light bar for trucks? Look no further than Whelen. They’re a leader in emergency flashers and work truck lighting. In fact, many of their engineers are fire volunteers and EMTs. They know first-hand the importance of creating visible, life-saving designs. Their hard-coated lenses and powder-coated housings, make Whelen lights durable, even in the harshest of weather conditions.


  • Lightbars, Lightheads, Dash/Deck Visors and Beacons
  • Flashers – Headlights, Grill Lights, Taillights and System Flashers
  • Municipal System Components – Front System Components, Rear Housings, SmartLogic™ Programmable Flasher, SnowAway™ Heated Lens System, Super-LED® Back-Up Light, Switch Control Panels and Work Lights


TOMAR is USA-owned and operated. They’re a proud supplier of LED lights for trucks and emergency vehicles, emergency lighting, signaling and safety warning devices.


  • Towing – Car Marker Lights, Arrow Bars, Light Racks and Traffic-Directing Lights
  • Industrial –Strobing Beacons, Stationary Beacons and LED Work Lights
  • Work Truck – Beacons, Rack Lights, Light Arrows, Lightheads and Lightbars
  • OEM – Lightbars, Light Racks, LED Truck Lights, Traffic-Directing Lights and Emergency Lights



Ecco is a leader in safety-related lighting. Their performance-centered philosophy means ECCO products are always straight-forward to operate and convenient to maintain.


  • Work Truck Lights – Lightbars, Beacons, Work Lights, Utility Bars, Directional LEDs, Light Racks and Minibars


Hella has decades of automotive lighting experience. They were the first company to launch a camera-based lighting system. Their in-house design team keeps the customer experience a centerpiece of their innovations.


  • Commercial and Specialty Truck Lights – Headlights, Taillights, Signal Lights, Lightbars, Interior Lights and Lighting Electronics.