Phoenix, Arizona After Market Truck Equipment

Sun Country Trucking Equipment sells and installs aftermarket truck lights, ladder racks, hitches, truck liftgates, truck tool boxes, generators, air compressors and truck accessories in the valley of the sun, Phoenix, AZ. We also create custom truck beds for work trucks and can include these items on our original designs.

Ladder Racks

We have ladder racks from Weather Guard, Kargo Master and Rack It. Whether you need a rack for a van, work truck or custom truck bed, we have a ladder storage solution for you. Sun Country listens to your needs and finds equipment to meet them.

Sun Country has roof-mount and bed mount truck racks to solve a myriad of problems. Some rack features are:

  • EZGLIDE2™ is a Weather Guard ladder rack that has a drop-down feature making ladders easy to access.
  • Kargo Master ladder racks have options for simplifying storage with no moving parts – to cut down on maintenance costs.
  • Rack It will design custom ladder solutions for commercial vehicles of all types.

Tool Boxes

If you’re looking for truck tool boxes, talk to us! Sun Country offers a huge selection of truck bed toolboxes and flatbed toolboxes by Weather Guard, Buyers, USW and Knaack. We keep the security, accessibility and protection of your tools in mind.

  • Weather Guard tool boxes have a limited lifetime warranty on their aluminum diamond plate and steel models as well as Extreme Protection™ locks.
  • Buyers offers an unbeatable selection of underbody and top-side flatbed toolboxes in carbon steel, aluminum and polyethylene.
  • UWS offers utility chests that feature their RigidCore™ technology to ensure your tools are protected from the harshest environments.
  • Knaack’s ventilated Safety Kage™ designs provide security and ventilation of safety equipment and their steel chests and piano drawer boxes ensure you can take your tools easily from the truck to the job site.


AuraGen is one of our trusted supplier of underhood and underdeck generators. They are a fraction of the size of other mobile generators but can provide up to 8 kW Continuous/9 kW Peak Power output. The advantages of using an AuraGen generator for your truck are:

  • No motor brushes to wear out
  • No exotic permanent magnets
  • Uses standard materials – aluminum, copper wire and steel
  • Uses only one moving part (rotor)

We also have the highly popular, stand-alone

  • BossAir and Honda generators:
  • Honda 2000 Generator Series
  • Honda 3000 Generator Series
  • PowerBoss Truck-Mount and Portable Generator Models


Sun Country offers underhood and above deck air compressors by BossAir, Vanair and VMAC, and mobile Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors.

BossAir is a leader in PTO rotary-screw air compressor technology. Their underdeck models hinge on efficiency and reliability.

  • Underdeck Rotary Screw PTO Shaft Drive Compressor
  • 80100/8060-UHBI Hydraulic Drive Compressor
  • Underdeck PTO Drive Rotary Screw Multi-Function Units

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors offer a high of top quality, low maintenance designs for their Reciprocating Air Compressors

  • Truck-Mounted Two-Stage Gas Driven Reciprocating Air Compressor (13-14 hp)
    • Durable cast-iron construction and 15,000 hours of trouble-free use
    • Two-stage pump operating up to 175 psi and a 30 gallon ASME receiver tank
    • Easy-starting Yanmar engine
  • Truck-Mounted Two-Stage Diesel Driven Reciprocating Air Compressor (10 HP)
    • Durable cast-iron construction and 15,000 hours of trouble-free use
    • Two-stage pump operating up to 175 psi and a 30 gallon ASME receiver tank
    • Easy-starting Yanmar engine

When you need to save cargo space and minimize maintenance costs, VMAC has a number of underhood air compressor models to fit your needs.

  • UNDERHOOD™ 40 Air Compressors – Truck Series
  • UNDERHOOD™ 40 Air Compressors – Van Series
  • UNDERHOOD™ 70 Air Compressors
  • UNDERHOOD™ 150 Air Compressors

VanAir is an engineering-driven company that problem-solves for their customers. They offer a range of air compressors including:

  • Abovedeck Hydraulically Driven Air Compressors
    • Reliant™ RC40 Reciprocating Air Compressor
    • Reliant™ RC40-L Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor
    • Reliant™ RS45 Air Compressor
    • Reliant™ RS85 Rotary Screw Air Compressor
    • Reliant™ RS85 Light Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor
    • ADHD Hydraulically Driven Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • PTO Driven Underdeck Systems
    • Standard Underdeck System
    • Ford® Underdeck Systems
    • RAM® Underdeck Systems
  • OEM Mobile Power Solutions™ - custom configurations


A CURT hitch is synonymous with reliability and customization. CURT is the leading manufacturer of USA-made custom-fit truck hitches. They offer a complete line of towing hitches – including custom-fit receiver hitches for nearly every vehicle in North America. We use a wide variety of CURT trailer hitches for gooseneck applications, 5th wheel and weight distribution needs. In addition to Curtis truck hitches, we utilize their huge selection of electrical components, ball mounts, trailer balls, cargo carriers and other towing accessories in our custom truck fabrication.


Sun Country is a leading distributor of custom truck lights for Phoenix’s commercial vehicle and semi-truck owners. We supply LED truck bed lights and under truck lights for a variety of commercial and municipal vehicles. We are proud to offer lighting solutions by Whelen, Heela, ECCO and Tomar.

  • Whelen lights are specialized around municipal system components and commercial lightbars, programmable emergency flashers and beacons.
  • Hella lights are designed for commercial and specialty truck lighting needs – headlights, taillights, signal lights, lightbars, interior lights and lighting electronics.
  • ECCO and Tomar truck lighting encompass LED and other emergency lighting for utility and emergency vehicles.


Maxon truck liftgates offer a wide variety of liftgates for light to heavy duty trucks.

  • TUK-A-WAY®

Truck Beds

Sun Country offers custom manufacturing and fabrication of truck beds. We are also a distributor of Norstar truck beds. Like our custom truck beds, Norstar models are cohesively designed and functional:

  • Norstar SD-Service Deck Bed
  • Norstar ST- Skirted Truck Bed
  • Norstar SF-Smooth Rails Truck Bed
  • Norstar SR-Diamond Plate Truck Bed
  • Norstar WH-Western Hauler Truck Bed
  • Norstar SC-Service Body Bed
  • Norstar SL-Service Body Bed
  • Norstar AR-Aluminum Flatbed
  • Norstar AT-Aluminum Skirted Truck Bed